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Water Cooling Solutions

IWC are the leaders in Industrial
Water Cooling in Africa.

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What’s New?

The New Face of Cooling, ENGIE
Refrigeration, added to IWC
Product Portfolio.

MARCH 2017

IWC continues to expand its
top-class product portfolio into
2017 with the introduction of
refrigeration equipment from
ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH.

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Chiller Solutions

IWC offer premium,
energy-efficient cooling and
refrigeration solutions for
buildings and industry.

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Quantum 4


Heat Exchanger Solutions

IWC offers a wide range of heat exchangers
for almost any application.

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About Us

Industrial Water Cooling (IWC) is a proudly South African based company. Founded in 1986, IWC offers thermal solutions to industry and includes cooling towers, heat exchangers, and chillers as its core business. IWC’s team of resident engineers specialise in water cooling and can provide unparalleled advice and service to both users and operators of cooling towers and cooling systems. IWC is a specialist EPC contractor with expertise ranging from small package cooling towers which are suited to light industry and HVAC applications, to large field erected cooling towers.

The acquisition of Tektower (formerly known as Sulzer Cooling) in 2014 complimented IWC’s existing product and service offering. Tektower has been providing innovative cooling solutions for 40 years and has approximately 14 000 cooling towers in various market sectors across the African continent.

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