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The New Face of Cooling, ENGIE Refrigeration, added to IWC Product Portfolio

ENGIE Refrigeration Chillers

IWC (Industrial Water Cooling) continues to expand its top-class product portfolio into 2017 with the introduction of refrigeration equipment from ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH.

Worldwide, Cofely Refrigeration is now ENGIE Refrigeration. Known globally for their superior German-engineering, ENGIE Refrigeration technology more than meets the needs for all ranges of commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning in South Africa and Africa.

ENGIE Chillers are highly-adaptable to processes and requirements, whether it’s for commercial air conditioning or refrigeration for food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries thereby giving IWC the scope to provide quality chiller and cooling solutions across all industries in Africa and South Africa.

Quiet, Energy-efficient and Reliable

ENGIE Refrigeration chillers are well known for their long-lasting refrigeration and environmental credentials, coupled with drastically-reduced energy costs. Their cooling systems are fully-customisable to meet exact temperature requirements and offer extensive options to improve energy savings.

ENGIE chillers have been specifically designed so that minimal maintenance is necessary by combining superior quality components and advanced technology which ensures that maintenance is required less frequently, thereby reducing the cost of thereof considerably.

Customised Cooling

IWC are offering the following range of ENGIE chillers – Quantum, Amonum and Pensum chillers and with solutions available in either water or air cooled systems, IWC is able to deliver the ideal solution on exact cooling and refrigeration requirements.

The Quantum Chiller Series from ENGIE Refrigeration provides a broad range of services for applications ranging from 250kW to 6MW. The different chillers in the series offer impressive solutions for each chilling situation and can be individually tailored to meet exact refrigeration requirements.

The Pensum Chiller Series, with an output of 45kW to 480kW, is available as a water- or air-cooled version and adds smaller performance ranges to the established Quantum Series. These chillers are built around especially reliable, new-generation scroll compressors, making them a versatile “refrigeration worker” within industry, building services and in data centres.

The Amonum Series presents a new generation of environmentally-friendly ammonia chillers available in four performance classes ranging from approximately 50kW to 250kW. The compact Amonum has been designed for both indoor and outdoor installation, and is suitable for universal use, delivering high efficiency at full- and partial-load operation.

IWC Engie Chillers Specialist in Sales, Installation and Service

IWC offer expert sales, installation and service on all ENGIE Refrigeration models, ensuring reliable refrigeration. Repair, modular maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and sound professional advice from IWC on ENGIE chillers will eliminate downtime, and maximise reliability on all refrigeration systems.

About Us

IWC, originally founded in 1986 as Industrial Water Cooling, are the leaders in industrial cooling tower systems in Africa, offering fully integrated solutions, from industrial cooling towers to GRP.

IWC has extensive experience in delivering cooling solution for the copper mining industry and designed slurry cooling towers for the pressure-leach process used in Kansanhi, Zambia.

For nearly two decades, IWC have successfully undertaken more than 80% of all natural draft refurbishment work in southern Africa. Clients include heavyweights such as Eskom, Sasol, ArcelorMittal and Foskor. Some industries in which the company is involved with are:

  •      • Power Generation
  •      • Mining
  •      • Petrochemical
  •      • Sugar
  •      • Steel & Aluminium
  •      • Food & Beverages
  •      • Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and many other applications

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